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Belly Band - Bear Camp Trail

Belly Band - Bear Camp Trail

AVAILABLE THROUGH 7/24 (unless I run out of fabric first)

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AVAILABLE THROUGH 7/24 (unless I run out of fabric first)

Email subscriber exclusives are available through the date listed above or until I run out of the exclusive fabric, whichever comes first.

My Belly Bands provide a practical solution for puppies and adult dogs dealing with house training, bladder issues, or marking habits. These bands are designed for comfort and effectiveness, featuring a narrower fit to reduce bulk and crafted from 100% breathable cotton. Each band includes a wide hook and loop closure for secure fit and easy adjustment, with tapered ends to minimize excess fabric. Available in one-inch size increments for a perfect fit, our bands are pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and use high-quality polyester thread to prevent urine wicking. Please note, patterns and colors may vary.


Measure your dog around the waist near his genitals. You’ll want a snug fit (not too tight). Add a small amount for the pad. Round UP to the next inch. This is the size you should order.

Belly band sizes correspond to the dog’s waist measurement, not the length of the belly band. The overall length of the belly band includes the length of the hook and loop fasteners.

Care instructions

Machine wash in warm or cool water with hook and loop fastener closed to protect other garments. I highly recommend line drying to prolong the life of the product. Use the lowest heat setting if you choose to machine dry. Note that even though I pre-shrink all fabrics and batting layers, your belly band may show slight puckering on the inside if you put it in the dryer. It’s cosmetic only; your belly band is fine!

Returns and exchanges

Belly Bands are underwear and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please measure your dog before ordering. I will absolutely make it right if you find an issue with craftsmanship. Drop me a message and we will work something out.

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